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From "Christopher St. John" <>
Subject Re: Asunto: Re: classes
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 23:03:45 GMT wrote:

> I had just read that link (class loader how to), and I understand it, but
> I would like to know, if I could set the classpath to point classes in other
> directory (neither in tomcat, nor in soap), and where and how could I do
> that.

  Tomcat 4 ignores your CLASSPATH on purpose. You can hand-edit
the startup scripts (check out catalina/catalina.bat) and add
things back in. Make sure you understand the consequences, though,
because you can run into some very confusing classloader problems
if you get it wrong.

  I think you said you already knew this, but just in case, you
know about the "common" and "shared" directories, right? That
may be a better solution, since you can put the jars common
to your webapps in "shared" and not have to put them in each
webapp's "WEB-INF/lib" directory, without having to hack the
tomcat startup scripts.


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