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From Yair Zohar <>
Subject Re: A Hebrew Problem
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 09:33:18 GMT
After some investigation I'll try to refrase and improve my problem 

My Goal: including a hebrew html inside a jsp page.

The Problem: hebrew is viewed by browser as question marks (no matter 

Some details from my investigation:

When I request the hebrew html directly (not included in a jsp but as 
the request target itself) I see it right (charset=windows-1255).

When writing hebrew (same charset) in the same jsp page (that has the 
include action) I see it right (but the included html is still ????).

To be sure it's not the 'include' action (<jsp:include 
page="relativePath/fileName" flush="true" />) fault, I replaced it by a 
function that returns the included page as a string and ensures it's 
read in ascii:

<%= pageExecuter.readHtml() %>

when this didn't help, I wanted to be sure my function is returning the 
jsp page an ascii string, I wrote this in the jsp page:

//moving the html string to a char array.
<%char [] c =  pageExecuter.readHtml().toCharArray();

   for (int i=0; i<c.length; i++){%>

//displaying 'character code' 'character'
     <%= (int)c[i] %>;&nbsp; <%= c[i] %><br>

<% } %>

in that way I can see in the browser each character's code and the 
character itself.
I've got ascii codes, but near the hebrew ascii codes there were '?'

(I'm aware of the different hebrew ascii sets exists I tried both 
224-250 , 128 - 154 )

My conclusion:
Tomcat doesn't send the browser a response with ascii code but with some 
other code.

Any Idea ?

Thanks for your efforts.

Anton Tagunov wrote:
> Hello Yair!
> YZ> I have this hebrew problem:
> YZ> I'm trying to include a html in a jsp page:
> YZ> <jsp:include page="relativePath/fileName" flush="true" />
> YZ> When it comes to a hebrew html the browser displays question marks 
> YZ> instead of hebrew (no matter what charset do I choose in the browser).
> YZ> The same html is viewed nicely when I get it directly as a file
> 1)
> Do I get you right that you have
>   web-app-root/some/a.jsp
>   web-app-root/other/b.html
> and when you do
>   http://www.myserver.some-domain/my-web-app/other/b.html
> you get something real, not question marks?
> 2)
> I vagually recall some talks about this being a JSP spec limitation
> on the list, but I did not delve into the topic then.
> I also recall that the it was mentioned then that the new
> spec-compliant but unconvinient behavior has been introduced
> recently.
> Anyone, any tips?
> ( eyebrowse search is not too much responsive when
> searching tomcat-dev, and tomcat-user is not indexed at all :-(
> YZ> System: RH9 with tomcat-4.1.18, mod_jk-2.0.43, apache-2.0.44, j2sdk1.4.2
> YZ> It all works fine on an old server: RH7.1 tomcat-4.0.4 apache-1.3 
> YZ> mysql-connector-java-3.0.7 j2sdk1.4.0_03
> Anton
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