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From Jaco Kroon <>
Subject ManagerServlet (autherization on a percontext basis)
Date Sun, 14 Sep 2003 16:14:36 GMT

I need to allow users previliges to manage their applications on a 
per-context basis.  We are providing students with a webapp, where they 
need to build their practical.  However, whenever they change web.xml 
they need to be able to restart their webapp.

Considering there are over 300 users I don't want to use the reloadable 
feature for the lib and classes directories either, as such I would 
prefer if I can just allow them to reload, start and stop their own webapps.

Is there any existing way of doing this or will I have to continue my 
hack to rewrite the ManagerServlet (or at least implement a similar 
class and work it into tomcat?)

btw, I'm using tomcat 4.0 (revision 0.3 at home and 1.24 where this has 
to be implemented actually).

I'm currently having trouble creating a subclass of HttpServlet 
implementing ContainerServlet that'll actually load.

Any ideas/help extremely welcome.


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