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From Jeff Hoffmann <>
Subject JSP page losing parameters
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 04:00:59 GMT
I'm running Tomcat 4.1.27 (with Apache 1.3.27 & mod_jk2) and I've run 
into a strange problem.  I've got a JSP page whose job it is to respond 
to a form on another page.  Basically the first thing this JSP page does 
is to check to make sure that all of the fields in the form are getting 
passed to the page & if not it returns an error message.  It was working 
great for a while, then it started telling me that I didn't enter one of 
the fields (even though it did exist as part of the posted data).  I 
thought that was a little wierd & deleted the java and class file 
generated from the jsp file -- the page recompiled the next time it was 
accessed & everything was fine.  A while later it happened again, so I 
started searching for causes.  I tried it on another server & it 
happened there, too, so I've basically excluded hardware as a problem. 
Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?  If not, how would I go 
about tracking down the problem?  It seems to be a random problem so I 
don't even know how to duplicate, much less solve it.


Jeff Hoffmannn

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