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From Vladyslav Kosulin <>
Subject Re: Load Balancing with MOD_JK and MOD_JK2 on windows.
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 14:32:21 GMT
Vladyslav Kosulin wrote:

> Joe Harmon wrote:
>> Please, please, please, can someone help.
>> MOd_JK2 issue:  If I am using mod_jk2.dll (tried several builds) I get
>> the round robin to function, but not the stick sessions.  All three
>> instances of Tomcat are running on the same box using the same files
>> with different ports. Here is the configuration.
>> ## This is for the first Tomcat instance ##  uses SERVER.XML
>> [] port=9009
>> host= 
> Change the names to remove dots everywhere, i.e. use:
> [channel.socket:lab49:9009]
> port=9009
> host=
> mod_jk2 daes not support dots in names. it is a known bug for a long time.

I meant, mod_jk2 support for sticky sessions is broken for names with dots. it 
can not correctly identify the target host if the JSESSIONID is in form of 
xxx.hostname.domainname. It can handle only xxx.hostname


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