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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: Tomcat startup failure
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 17:07:57 GMT

Sounds to me like a permissions/environment problem.  For example, 
starting Tomcat as root manually, but then the script tries to start 
tomcat as some non-root user.  If Tomcat starts as root, log files are 
owned by root and non-root users cannot write to them.  It should throw 
an error somewhere, though maybe its getting swallowed by a redirect to 
/dev/null or something.

I would verify the script and doublecheck that the script environment 
(variables, user account, etc) matches exactly with the way you start 
Tomcat manually.


Noel Rappin wrote:

> I have a set up where tomcat is supposed to start on boot via an rc 
> shell script on a Linux system (tomcat 4.1.18).  I have this 
> intermittent failure mode where tomcat fails to start up on reboot.
> I can _always_ trigger this failure by deleting all tomcat log files, 
> and then rebooting.  After the reboot, the only thing in the log 
> directory is a zero-length catalina.out file, and the java process is 
> not running.  Invoking the tomcat startup again at this point causes it 
> to work normally.
> I can find no evidence that the tomcat java process exits, and no matter 
> how much I turn up debugging, I get no logged output.  Is there any 
> possible mechanism that could be causing this failure, or at least some 
> place or some way I could get better debugging information?
> Noel
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