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From Walker Chris <>
Subject RE: Apache/Tomcat/MySQL Startup Sequence on Linux
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2003 10:57:31 GMT
Aaargh!  I worked to 3am for several days to get webapp set up.  I shouldn't
believe what I read in books.

What's the difference between jk and jk2?  And why is webapp unsupported?


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From: Tim Funk []
Sent: 15 September 2003 11:46
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: Apache/Tomcat/MySQL Startup Sequence on Linux

Don't use mod_webapp. Use jk or jk2. Webapp is unsupported.

jk, jk2 allow for either side to go down and all is still ok when it comes 
back up


Walker Chris wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm having problems coordinating the startup scripts for Apache, Tomcat
> (connected via mod_webapp) and MySQL.  The situation seems to be this:
> - mod_webapp requires Tomcat to be already running when httpd starts
> - the Tomcat application contains a connection pool that requires MySQL to
> be running when Tomcat starts (this is a crap architecture, but I havn't
> time to change it)
> I can execute the startup scripts manually in the sequence
> MySQL/Tomcat/Apache, and everything is fine.  But when they are executed
> system boot it doesn't work.  The httpd log contains a "web application
> found" message, and pages from the application are not available.
> I've renamed the startup scripts so that the sequence is correct, but it
> still doesn't work.  My guess is that most of the Tomcat startup forks, so
> that the httpd startup is invoked before it has completed.
> I can think of two very klugey workarounds: 
> - call httpd restart at the end of the Tomcat startup - what will this do
> the "real" httpd script is still executing?
> - make the httpd script sleep for a while before it does anything - but
> there's no way to guarantee it will sleep long enough
> Alternatively I could add code to the httpd script to see if Tomcat has
> completed its startup.  But I don't know for sure how I would tell, and
> rather avoid this sort of hack if there's a proper way to do it.
> Chris Walker

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