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From Walker Chris <>
Subject RE: PROBLEMS:> memory / cpu usage - Tomcat 3.2.1 - SOLVED!
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2003 08:23:30 GMT
Now that's interesting.  I've been following this thread because I've just
installed a new application on a Sun Cobalt (Apache/mod_webapp/Tomcat)
server.  It's the only application on the server, and nobody's using it yet,
but the server monitor keeps mailing me about high memory usage.

But part of the Cobalt environment seems to be a repeating job that checks
the web server status by trying to get a page every half-hour or so.  The
page isn't there, so it gets a 404, which is fine as far as the monitor is
concerned, but I wonder what that's doing to my server resources?

The answer, I imagine, is to make sure the dummy JSP is always present.

Chris Walker

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From: Sai Sivanesan []
Sent: 07 September 2003 02:06
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: PROBLEMS:> memory / cpu usage - Tomcat 3.2.1 - SOLVED!

ok.  i have found my elusive problem.  our client has a site with fairly
moderate usage.  and over the years we have changes the site a fair bit.  it
seems that the problem stems from requesting a jsp file that is no longer on
the server - once the 404 is logged, the apache <-> tomcat connection does
terminate.  it stays running, and  starts to consume cpu time.  a sufficient
number of these will over time, bring the machine to a crawl - to a point
where it is almost impossible to even login via ssh or even locally.  Time
read the conf file to see what we can do about 404 error documents.


On Sat, 30 Aug 2003 16:52:21 -0400, Sai Sivanesan wrote
> We have a box[P3/700/512MBram] serving JSPs, with about 20 virtual 
> hosts - and the server comes to a grinding halt after about 12-18 
> hours.  The server gets about 30K hits per week, so it not exactly
> versions:
> RedHat 7.2
> Apache 1.3.20
> Tomcat 3.2.1
> processes seem to persist longer than they should.  here is a line 
> out of top: 12568 root      18   0 25300  24M  7924 S     3.8  4.9 
>  56:19 java
> anyone have similar experiences?
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