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From Michael Duffy <>
Subject Web App Using JSTL Is Still Failing Under Tomcat 4.0.6
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 16:31:03 GMT

Yoav Shapiro, I hope you're still out there.

I wrote earlier this morning about a Web app, deployed
as a WAR with a context.xml, that deployed and ran
fine under Tomcat 4.1.24 but failed under 4.0.6.  You
pointed out that 4.0.6 requires modifications to the

I modified my server.xml for Tomcat 4.0.6, per your
suggestion.  When I did it, I added three apps, all of
which use JSTL:

(1) An HTTP echo JSP that simply echoes back header
and request info.  It lets me make sure that I'm
connecting properly.  It uses the JSTL core and format
(2) A JNDI data source that lets me enter ad hoc SQL
queries in a text area and displays the results in a
table.  It lets me check to be sure that I can connect
to a database properly and have my data source set up
right.  It uses the JSTL core, format, and SQL tags.
(3) My Web app that uses JSTL core and format tags.

(1) and (2) deploy and run perfectly.  (3) deploys
without any error messages to the log, but I still get
that exception when I invoke the index.jsp:

2003-09-30 12:16:10 StandardWrapperValve[jsp]:
Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw exception
org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /index.jsp(4,0) No
such tag redirect in the tag library imported with
prefix c

I checked the standard.jar to make sure that it was
there and the URI in the .tld file was correct.

The JSP itself is quite simple:

<%@ page language="java" %>

<%@ taglib prefix="c"
uri="" %>

<c:redirect url="api-welcome.jsp"/>

It complains about the <c:redirect> tag.

Why does this app have problems with JSTL tags and the
others don't? - MOD

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