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From Peter Harrison <>
Subject Re: Tomcat on Linux
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 09:24:50 GMT
On Mon, 29 Sep 2003 06:42, Joao Medeiros wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've decided to start doing some testing on Tomcat under Linux for which
> I have installed Redhat 8 which is now up and running, downloaded the
> JSDK for Linux which is also setup and downloaded the Tomcat files but
> before I go ahead and start installing it I was wondering if you could
> help me out determining a few things:
> - Shall I create a new user, i.e. 'Tomcat' and install the server under
> it or shall I just put it under ROOT? I know that if I do choose to
> install it under a different user other than ROOT I'll have to setup
> special execute permissions so the server can run on port 80 for
> instance...

I have generally set up Tomcat under my own user account and run it on 8080. 
If you are in production you should be running Apache on the front end 
anyway, although I suggest you set up a "tomcat" account under users if this 
is the case, and install tomcat in /usr/local/tomcat. You don't need to do 
anything clever to make it work - tomcat runs without any special 

I have however installed the JDK under /usr/local/java, and given execute 
permissions, but not write permissions. In other words its a standard JDK 
install if performed under root. I havn't dealt with permissions to TCP port 
80 if tomcat isn't running as root, so I can't help there.

> - I read somewhere that in order for Tomcat to run as a daemon one will
> have to use the jsvc tool. Has anyone got any experience in doing it?

I have a script which runs on boot to start tomcat on my production boxes. It 
can be found online easy enough. Essentially the script calls I 
have been running Tomcat on Linux for at least four years now - since 1999 
when I first got into this technology.

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