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From "Satya Narayan Dash" <>
Subject Is it a Memory Leak in Apache 2.0.47???
Date Sun, 28 Sep 2003 02:06:16 GMT

Anyway, I was able to migrate to Apache to 2.0.47 and Tomcat 
4.1.27, after lot of intial hiccups. The connector is mod_jk and 
they are running smothly in Windows2k and Linux 8.0.

I've an interesting observation. Feeding line feed characters to 
Apache 2.0.40 (which) was my earlier version, lead me to memory 
exhaustion. (Fixed in SECURITY [CAN-2003-0132]: Apache 2.0.45),but 
did not happen in 2.0.47. Nice...

But...but, when I load Apache / Tomcat with enough JSP / Servlet/ 
HTML requests the memory consumption is increasing and Apache does 
not seem to release it.

My Application Configuration:

1. Apache serves the HTML pages and JSP/Servlets are redirected to 
Tomcat.   (Connector - mod_jk / AJP13)

2. Tomcat has no role to play to serve the HTML pages.

    (non-SSL Coyote HTTP/1.1 coyote port is commented out)

3. Apache and Tomcat are running as two independent threads, 
    Apache starting first.

The memory consumption, for win2k, is shown in this table.
(This is w.r.t. Apache 2.0.40 and the same thing is repeated in 
Apache 2.0.47. )

Parent Process      Child Process    No.Of Pages      Running 
  (in KB)               (in KB)                          (In 

3812                    7952              Nil               10

3812                    12,992            25                20

3812                    15,128            140               20

140                      21,444           302               20

The memory consumption goes up and if I am killing my clients
(which sends HTML/JSP/Servlets requests), then , it hovers aroubnd 
the same shoot-up value.

Now, can I conclude, if I am bombarding Apache with enough JSP / 
Servlet / HTML requests, the memory leak happens???

Let me know about it.


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