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From Chaitanya Pallapothula <>
Subject Internationalization Problem
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2003 00:55:32 GMT
I have been working on Internationalization and during
that process I encountere this strange problem. 
My server is sending the right characters(Russian) to
the browser. And also I have put this tag "<META
CONTENT="text/html;charset=utf-8">" in the head pasrt
of my out put. 

The problem is browser cannot render the characters
correctly. And when I see the view -> Encoding menu of
the browser "Western Europian(Windows)" was selected.
If I manually change that to UTF-8 it paints the
correct characters. 

So I added the code(socument.chatset="utf-8") to force
the browser to select UTF-8 as encoding. This time the
encoidng was selected as UTF-8 and still the browser
doesnt paint the characters correctly. If I click on
view->Encoding->UTF-8 manually(Though utf-8 is
selected by default). It paints the characters

I am confused with this kind of behaviour. I am using
tomcat4.1.12 as my servlet engine and web server. And
also I am using struts framework(tag lib also). 

Note:  When I set the charset in the response. The
server doesnt send the right characters to the
browser. If I dont set any charset in the response
header, server sends the right charset to the browser.

 I am also confused whether the problem is browser or
the server.

Any help would be greatly apreciated. 

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