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From Luke Vanderfluit <>
Subject tomcat won't read classes unless in explicit packages
Date Mon, 22 Sep 2003 03:47:16 GMT

Does anyone have a solution or workaround for the following problem.

I'm running an application under /tomcat/webapps. The application
consists of a number of JSPs, servlets and bean classes,

The package structure looks like this

             |                                 |
          WEB-INF                             JSPs(.jsp files)
       |                   |
    web.xml(file)       classes(dir)
            |                                        |
          classes(src and class files)           tbbeans(dir)
                                             |               |
                                          classes(files)    tb2(dir)

Initially with tomcat 4.0 it was possible to have all the class
files(servlets and beans) in one directory, namely WEB-INF/classes,
however trying to run the exact same application with tomcat 4.1.x
results in compilation errors.
It seems 4.1.x needs explicitly stipulated packages in order to work.

I've had to devise the above package structure to get the application to
run under 4.1.x

Is there any workaround or other way to get tomcat 4.1.xx to run the
application with all classes in one directory, be it the default package
or explicitly specified?

I've read about this problem, but not to the extent that a solution or
workaround or has been presented.

Any input is appreciated,
kind regards,

"when my computer smiles, I'm happy"
===============================.~ ~,
Luke Vanderfluit               |'/']
Mobile: 0421 276 282            \~/`

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