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From "Christopher Williams" <>
Subject OT: Annoying autresponses to posts
Date Sat, 06 Sep 2003 08:57:28 GMT
Does anybody else have this problem:

Whenever I make a post to this mailing list, I quickly get a reply from a
mail server called, with the subject "The email
you authored contained a violation (either a virus or inappropriate
content)".  The message body reckons that "The internet domain violated the
content filtering rule Blocked Domains 2".  It is seriously annoying.

If anybody reading this uses the mail server, will they
please ask their mail admin to pass this mailing list.  Presumably, however,
they can't read anything, so is there any chance that the list admin can
unsubscribe users?

While I'm at it, another annoying autoresponse frequently posted to the
mailing list is the "Inquiry receieved" one from
Their website says that "Alset's HelpExpressTM Service enables its partners
to send customers messages that are helpful, timely and relevant."  Hmm, not
in this case they aren't.  Can anybody at Alset Support do something about

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