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From "Jeff Larsen" <>
Subject Regression? Tomcat 4.1.27 spiraling out of control!
Date Fri, 26 Sep 2003 21:13:55 GMT
I just upgraded my production server to tomcat 4.1.27 
running on Solaris 7 with java 1.4.2_01. I am using Ajp13
connections to Apache 1.3.23 with mod_jk 1.2.0. I was
running 4.0.4 on java 1.3.0 without incident.

It ran fine for a day and a half, but then over a period of
about 10 minutes I got a flood of log messages for "Broken
pipe", "Starting background thread" and finally when it exceeded
my configured Ajp13Processor limit, "No processor available, 
rejecting this connection". Also, tomcat pegged my CPU usage
during this period. I bounced tomcat and now all is well with
less than 10% cpu for tomcat.

The httpd logs show no evidence of a DOS attack. Besides, the
tomcat application requires form based login.

My 4.0.4 setup never used more than 55 AJP processors. It was 
(as is 4.1.27) configured for a max of 75 which it never reached.

I had the very same problem when I first deployed 4.0.3, but it
got fixed in 4.0.4. Can anybody confirm this regression?

Google hasn't been very helpful on this one. Should I just
revert to 4.0.4 and wait for a fix?

jlar310 at yahoo

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