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From "Grzegorz Malinka" <>
Subject Re: Personalized Tomcat Manager
Date Sat, 27 Sep 2003 19:06:36 GMT
Yes... bu that solution gives access permision to all application deployed
by Tomcat Server...
I would to give reload, install, remove command to application but to user
which is its owner.


some user called i.e. "jack" can reload only application called "script" and
cannot do operations on application deployed within a "webapps" directory.

IMHO... only way is to make some corrections in either Manager Container or
Users Database Container and  recompile.

> You might want to edit "tomcat-users.xml" configuration file.
> Or use "Likha DevCentre".  It simplifies your development life cycle in
> Tomcat.
> Download it from or
> Cheers
> Bern

> I have to give access permission to Tomcat Manager for several users,
> should manage just its application (not all).
> Is it possible?

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