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From "Stefan Lasiewski" <>
Subject Is Java Debugger ($JAVA_HOME/bin/jdb ) necessary?
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 19:16:27 GMT
Hello all,

I'm looking to run Tomcat with the JRE instead of the SDK.

Currently, the Tomcat the $CATALINA_HOME/bin/  script checks
for both the Java compiler ($JAVA_HOME/bin/javac) & the Java debugger

I can easily get around these checks by using the tools.jar file that comes
with the JDK (It comes with javac), and then modifying to
check for the tools.jar file instead of javac & jdb.

However, the Java Debugger is not distributed with either the JRE nor the
tools.jar from the JDK. It only comes with the JDK, which I cannot use.

Does Tomcat absolutely require the JDB? Or is JDB only needed if I run in
debug mode? I don't need debug mode.

Tomcat seems to run fine now without the JDB, but am I going to run into
problems down the road?

Thanks for you help,

-= Stefan

Stefan Lasiewski, Release Engineer
Innovative Interfaces, Inc. - QA Department

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