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From (Sonja Löhr)
Subject Re: permissions for Tomcat+Apache integration
Date Mon, 01 Sep 2003 14:54:44 GMT

You are very right in that my greatest problem is to work out a pattern
where to find the "static content" hides that Apache could perhaps serve a
bit faster.  Unfortunately, I can't tell Apache to serve ".gif" etc. but
must come the other way round, perhaps ending up with URLs to single
Many people cite security-reasons for the integration of the two, but all
I've been bothered up to now is how to prevent Apache to show my programming
ressources to the world (those unfortunately not located in WEB-INF).

I'll be thinking about doing it separately, you really calmed me down :-)
thanks very much

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From: "Eric J. Pinnell" <>
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Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 4:28 PM
Subject: Re: permissions for Tomcat+Apache integration


The question is do you need to secure your application from the outside
world or do you need to secure it from users that might be logging on to
your system?  Or both?

Usually you want to go with the "both" scenerio.

But to keep it simple, pick a user that you want tomcat to run as.  Untar
Tomcat and chown -R tomcat jakarta-4.x.x  (if the user is named "tomcat"
which isn't a bad name for the Tomcat user ;)

Then just run it.  It will be ok just like that.  If you are running
Tomcat and Apache on the same machine really look at why you are running
Apache at all.  It's a popular misconception that you _must_ run Apache in
front of Tomcat.  That couldn't be more wrong.  Running Tomcat alone will
save you the hassle of Apache and the connectors.  However you do need to
run Apache if you are going to use load balanceing and the apache
modules.  However most times people just have Apache pipe everything back
to Tomcat.  In this case you don't need Apache at all.


On Mon, 1 Sep 2003, [iso-8859-1] Sonja Löhr wrote:

> Hello!
> Here is my second question, now concerning Apache+Tomcat integration on
> Linux:
> Could someone tell me a reasonable users, groups and file permissions
> structure for apache, the tomcat-files itself and a typical webapp?  -
> security aside.
> 1. Is it a good idea at all to place the webapps under apache's document
> root, having to care about all WEB-INF and other sensible directories with
> "deny from all" ?
> 2. Which account in which group?
> Apache needs access to static files somewhere in the webapp. (Which may be
> very dispersed f.e. in case of cocoon).
>  If a "tomcat" user and the "apache" user account are in the same group
> restricted permissions, I can't assign permissions to a group of
> just another owner (me ;-).  Ok, may it be. Additionally, if tomcat
> war files, all resulting directories are owned by tomcat alone. So should
> put the "apache user into the "tomcat" group?
> 3.How paranoid must I be about tomcat-files (server-directory f.e)?
> Tomcat needs write access to some directories, but certainly I don't know
> all processes tomcat.
> You probably guess by now that I'm not grown up with Unix-systems.
> Spent my whole sunday with chmod and chown, now I would be very happy if
> someone told me something SIMPLE  :-)
> Thank you,
> Sonja
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