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From "Andrew Willemsen" <>
Subject HTTP method POST is not supported by this URL
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 14:30:24 GMT
Dear List,

As a new subscriber (and user of Tomcat), please forgive me if this subject
has been raised before.

The company I work for has been supplied with a Java toolkit by an external
contractor that allows us to access our database software through JSP pages.
It uses the normal combination of servlets and beans.  I noticed that the
servlets in the toolkit did not support the POST method, and had the
contractor modify them so that they implemented the "doPost" method (calling
the "doGet" method).  As I have access to the source, I can see that this
has been done, and the contractor assures me that POST requests work OK on
her machine.  However, POST requests on my machine result in the following
error page from Tomcat:

HTTP Status 405 - HTTP method POST is not supported by this URL
type Status report
message HTTP method POST is not supported by this URL
description The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested
resource (HTTP method POST is not supported by this URL).
Apache Tomcat/4.1.27

I am running a standard installation of Tomcat 4.1.27 and J2SE 1.4.2_01
(both runtime and SDK) on Windows XP Professional.  I have not changed any
of the configuration files in Tomcat.

Can anyone help?


Andrew Willemsen

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