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From "Rod Cleaves" <>
Subject New list memberr -- Tomcat w/Win XP Pro and IE 6.1 problems
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2003 17:50:48 GMT
Hi all,

I just subscribed to get this one question answered. First you should
know that I'm not a Tomcat user, however my developers are - I'm the IT
manager here and am responsible for the LAN.

All of our developers run Win2k with Tomacat, MySQL, and IE (ver 6/sp1
w/all critical hotfixes) as their basic system. 

One developer upgraded to Win XP and she's got a weird problem. When
accessing her Tomcat server from the local copy of IE the Tomcat doesn't
get all requests and screens paint really slow or not at all, or
"splotchy". If she points her IE at another developer's system, or
another developer points to her system, all is okay. She's the only one
with XP Pro and the problem only arises on her machine when browsing

I know *NOTHING* of Tomcat - can anyone point me in a some direction to
check it out?

Thanks a bunch for any/all of your time.

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