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From "Steve Widmar" <>
Subject dynamic install and reload (resend)
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 19:26:30 GMT
Greetings, all:

I'm looking for help with the following deployment scenarios:
1. Install a web app (.war) into a running tomcat 4.1.x
2. reload same web app after arbitrary changes to it

For both of these scenarios:
1. deployment activity driven from ant script 
2. ant script executed on host that is NOT the same host as the host that tomcat 4.1.x is
running on; 
in other words, deploy from one host to another, or from 'off-host'.

My motivation:
This is driven by the desire to deploy essentially the same war to multiple environments (ie,
staging, production) 
without having to hop around from host to host, lugging the war each time (and then still
having to install or redeploy).

I've been researching this, including reviewing the how-to (

and the mail archive, as well as trial and error (in 4.1.24 and 4.1.27) ... 

The closest I see I can get to my goal 
is off-host install of a war *manually* (ie, via browser, not via ant script) using manager
app of target host 

Install using the provided custom ant task says it succeeds, 
and it shows up in the manager list of apps, but it isnt 'started' and I cant start it clicking
'start'; just seems to do nothing.

I assume that reload expects the stuff to be reloaded to be located on the target host itself,

as theres no property like the @war to point at a war referenced in any of the docs, and the
task java src doesnt seem to support it either...

Any help? 
If not, am I the only one with this goal - I mean, I doubt my motiviation is unique... anyone
in a similar boat solving this in some way?
(It seems like theres already a lot of work done toward this end, and if anyone actually wanted
to do what I'm trying to do the support would be there ...)

Regardless of the outcome I'd be happy to update the how-to (or whatever) to clarify this
point for future people who may be curious like I was here;
just let me know if theres any interest.


ps - i didnt see this go thru to the archives (never even got my BCC) so i'm resending; i
apologize if duplication or other problems occur...

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