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From Daniel Carlsson <>
Subject Freeing processors
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 08:58:55 GMT

My problem is that tomcat runs out of processors and I see "No processor available, rejecting
this connection" in the log file. By reading earlier posts a I understand that each processor
is a thread and is not freed until it is returned by my code, my code is hanging somewhere.

The problem is that my servlet (the only thing running in tomcat) only "forwards" requests
threw CORBA to a big app that I can't change, and its in their the code hangs.

So, how can I solve this? The perfect solution would be if tomcat could automaticly free processors
after some timeout ( 60 s) but I have not found such a feature/setting, does it exist? If
not, could I do some small hack in my servlet that monitors and somehow terminates (kills
thread or something) the request after 60s and therby freeing the processor?

I am running tomcat 4.1.12, java 1.4.0_04, redhat linux 9. I am using the HttpConnector. 

Thank you

Daniel Carlsson 
Gimlisoft AB
Tel: 0709-744570, 031-189024

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