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From "Satish Talim" <>
Subject Re: Some questions
Date Tue, 05 Aug 2003 01:04:08 GMT

I read about this in the Oreilly's Book - Tomcat The Definitive Guide.

Thanks for the information.


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From: "Shapira, Yoav" <>
To: "Tomcat Users List" <>; "Satish Talim"
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2003 8:41 PM
Subject: RE: Some questions


>In our company, we are using Tomcat Version 4.0.1 and Java 2 SDK,
>Edition Version 1.4.0

If possible, update to 4.1.27 and JDK 1.4.2.

>a. I read that if one uses 'catalina nonaming
>start' instead of
>'startup', it would help disable the use of JNDI within Tomcat.
>(1) Is this feature available with Tomcat 4.0.1 ?
>(2) Does it mean that JNDI is enabled by default ?
>(3) Can it be disabled thro' say server.xml ?

Where did you read this?

Looking at $CATALINA_HOME/bin/ would tell you this option is
not available.

Reading the servlet spec will tell you that a container is required to
support naming.  So yes, "JNDI" is available and enabled by default.

You can't disable JNDI support per se, but you can make sure no JNDI
resources are defined in server.xml, so that any JNDI lookups return

>b. I also read that one can set up
>(1) Will this set the max memory size of 44 MB ?
>(2) Again, is this feature available with Tomcat 4.0.1

Yes, this indicates to the JVM to allow up to 44MB on the heap.  This
option is available with tomcat 4.0.1, as once again simply looking at
$CATALINA_HOME/bin/ would show.

>c. I read on the net that one can set the -server
>option in JDK 1.4...
>(1) Where does one setup this option? Is it in catalina.bat and how?

It's a JVM option just like the others, e.g. -Xmx above.  It's available
even before JDK 1.4.

Yoav Shapira

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