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From "v.siguier" <>
Subject DataSource + Oracle + Tomcat
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 12:58:42 GMT

I try to connect to Oracle 8.1.7 using a DataSource (Tomcat 4.1.24).
In the code, my datasource object is not null (Oracle driver have been founded) but on 
getConnection method I have the following error message :

"org.apache.commons.dbcp.DbcpException: java.sql.SQLException: invalid arguments in call"
(the exception is generated in 
French, maybe my translation is not exact)

Following is server.xml part :
<ResourceParams name="jdbc/app/geode">

Following is web.xml part :

Following is my code to obtain a connection :
Context envGlobal = new InitialContext();
Context envApp = (Context)envGlobal.lookup("java:comp/env");
DataSource m_oJdbcDataSource = ( DataSource )envApp.lookup("jdbc/app/geode");
Connection l_connect = m_oJdbcDataSource.getConnection();

I don't understand what are these invalid arguments, somebody can help me ?
Thank you.


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