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From "Agarwal, Naresh" <>
Subject RE: configuration of thread pool used by Tomcat
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 14:15:33 GMT

>>Does Tomcat destroys threads in the pool, if they are idle for the long >time?
If yes, is there way to ensure that Tomcat >>didn't kill the idle >threads, ie.,
once created, a thread will never die as long as Tomcat is >running?

>Usually no, and that renders the second part of your question irrelevant.

Is this behaviour not definite? I mean can I make sure that Tomcat will *NEVER*  destroys
the idle threads?

>>If I keep Min_no_of_threads = Max_no_of_threads = 20, then can I assume >that Tomcat
will always use 20 threads?


>You have to be more precise: are you talking about request processing threads, or all
threads in the server?  You have >>>>>control over the former by using the
minProcessors and maxProcessors parameters of a <Connector> element.  The latter you
>don't control.

yes, I'm talking about processing threads. 
Is there to way to see how many *processor threads* Tomcat is having at a time?

Naresh Agarwal

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