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From "Quest Software" <>
Subject Auto-Confirmation
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 16:41:40 GMT
Thank you for submitting your request to Quest Software Technical Support.  We are unable to
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>  From: "Shapira, Yoav" []
>  Sent: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 12:38:12 -0400
>  To: "Tomcat Users List" []
>  Subject: RE: Polling/Timing Help: Kinda Offtopic
>  Howdy,
>  Look at JCrontab (
>  and Quartz (
>  Good luck ever achieving the reliability and accuracy of cron in a java
>  program ;)
>  Yoav Shapira
>  Millennium ChemInformatics
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>  >From: Chuck []
>  >Sent: Friday, August 22, 2003 10:29 AM
>  >To: Tomcat Users List
>  >Subject: Polling/Timing Help: Kinda Offtopic
>  >
>  >
>  >Our project is based on Tomcat but we have a standalone server
>  component
>  >that I need some help with. Sorry if off-topic, have not had much luck
>  >elsewhere.
>  >
>  >Anyway, I will have a standalone java server (which some tomcat webapps
>  >will be talking to). What I need to do is some advanced scheduling
>  based
>  >on time. I basically need some mechanism based on time where I can run
>  >tasks on a schedules basis. UNIX cron is a vague example, but what I
>  >need must be more accurate and reliable. (ie, UNIX cron, if you have 10
>  >jobs schedules to start at 12:01pm, there is no gurantee as to what
>  >second they will actually spawn)
>  >
>  >For example, I have an SNMP agent that will wake up every 15 seconds,
>  do
>  >it's thing, and then sleep for another 15 seconds. There will also be
>  >many other agents all will different polling periods that are user
>  >customizable.
>  >
>  >I would like to work in units of milliseconds. Can anyone point me to
>  >some resources/websites/example code that can assist me in this
>  >endeavor? I am relateively new to Java but have a lot of C/C++ in my
>  >background. I am now a Systems Engineer and am designing a network
>  >monitoring package. (if you are familiar with opennms,,
>  >then you will know what I mean)
>  >
>  >Thanks for any help,
>  >CC
>  >
>  >
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