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From Jim Si <>
Subject Re: First Servlet 404 error
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2003 18:04:28 GMT
Thank you Stuart for your great help.

HellowWorld servlet works! But I still have one problem.

I got login.jsp in the webapps\onjava directory.  It has
    <form name="loginForm" method="POST" action="servlet/com.onjava.login">

In, it has
 private String target = "/welcome.jsp";
  // Forward the request to the target named
  ServletContext context = getServletContext();
  RequestDispatcher dispatcher = context.getRequestDispatcher(target);
  dispatcher.forward(request, response);

In welcome.jsp, it has very simple return statement.
   <b>Welcome : <%= request.getAttribute("USER")

In webapps\onjava\Web-inf\web.xml, I have


In a browser, I use http://localhost:8080/onjava/login.jsp and I got the login
screen, then click on submit button.  I got the following error.

HTTP Status 404 - /welcome.jsp
description The requested resource (/welcome.jsp) is not available.

Look like it runs the login class, how do I correct this problem?  Thank you.

> Also, make sure your HelloWorld servlet is mapped-in in your webapps
> deployment descriptor.  By the way, the folder should be called WEB-INF not
> web-inf.

Windows somehow change WEB-INF to Web-inf automatically.  I could not use


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