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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: "Official" support matrix
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 14:04:11 GMT

None of the above.

Tomcat is a Java application.

Hence, assuming a valid JDK/JVM, and the appropriate servlet.jar file, 
Tomcat runs on any OS.  Thus, assuming a valid JDK/JVM for Windows 2003, 
then all versions of Tomcat run on Windows 2003.

There is no such thing as "tomcat working under IIS 6 on windows".

What you are asking is:  "Is there an AJP-compatible filter available 
for IIS 6.0 (Windows Server 2003)?"

The answer is: "No, though one is probably in the works, somewhere, 


Long, Christian (Christian) wrote:

> Can anyone point me to a list of supported OS and web servers for tomcat? Specifically,
I'd like to know which version(s) of tomcat work under IIS 6.0 on Windows 2003. I've seen
a few messages saying "I think it works" or "it doesn't seem supported" but I'd like a more
definitive answer if available.
> Thanks,
> Christian.

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