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From Jon Wingfield <>
Subject Re: Freeing processors
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 13:17:30 GMT
Yep. Since RH 8 the ps command only shows the main java process. In 
previous versions ps showed the parent process and a child process for 
each thread the java app spawned. The previous behaviour often lead to 
confusion relating to memory assignment so i guess that's why RH changed 
it. Personally, I find the change annoying coz it was an easy way to see 
how many threads the app had spawned.


Donaldson Sgt Michael J wrote:

> I have a question along these lines...
> I am running jakarta-tomcat-4.1.18 on 4 different severs. 3 are Red Hat 8.0
> and 1 Red Hat 6.2. Same tomcat configuration on all of them. ps -el shows
> one java process on the Red Hat 8.0 but on the 6.2 box I have upward of 30
> processes for java. Is there a reason for this?
> R/S
> Magilla
> Hi
> My problem is that tomcat runs out of processors and I see "No processor
> available, rejecting this connection" in the log file. By reading earlier
> posts a I understand that each processor is a thread and is not freed until
> it is returned by my code, my code is hanging somewhere.
> The problem is that my servlet (the only thing running in tomcat) only
> "forwards" requests threw CORBA to a big app that I can't change, and its in
> their the code hangs.
> So, how can I solve this? The perfect solution would be if tomcat could
> automaticly free processors after some timeout ( 60 s) but I have not found
> such a feature/setting, does it exist? If not, could I do some small hack in
> my servlet that monitors and somehow terminates (kills thread or something)
> the request after 60s and therby freeing the processor?
> I am running tomcat 4.1.12, java 1.4.0_04, redhat linux 9. I am using the
> HttpConnector. 
> Thank you
> Daniel Carlsson 
> Gimlisoft AB
> Email:
> Tel: 0709-744570, 031-189024

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