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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: Jasper, JSPC, Ant and Precompiling JSP's
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 16:17:04 GMT
In fact, I'm curious to the status of this in 5.0 and the directions 
that this will take in the future, I may be willing to do a little work 
to add "work directory" compilation to the capabilities of JspC, if they 
do not already exist.


Mark R. Diggory wrote:

> Thanks Ian,
> We actually already have a shell script that does this too. I was hoping 
> to get some details on how to make the jspc and tomcat behaviors more 
> consistent with each other so that I could move away from this strategy 
> and use the compiler directly.
> Unfortunately, its often the case that our jsp's are behind security 
> realms and cannot be gotten at without logging into the webapplication 
> first which means we need to maintain session information while 
> 'grazing' the jsp's.
> Since this was starting to get more complex than I wanted, I was hoping 
> to step back and see why JspC wasn't just providing jsp compilation 
> features that were not consistent with Tomcats behavior when compiling 
> intothe work directory.
>  From what I understand, Jasper loads each JSP into its own classloader, 
> this means that it can get away with having the same exact package name 
> in each JSP even though they are in different directories in 'work' the 
> classloaders load each individual file relative to 
> to the directory it is within.
> JspC on the other had, treats the directory as a package hierarchy 
> (which is great if your going to dump them into the classes directory 
> and map them in your web.xml). It is apparent that JspC cannot be used 
> to compile the JSP's into Tomcats work directory because of this package 
> naming issue.
> -Mark
> Zabel, Ian wrote:
>> Mark,
>>  >I want my JSP's to get precompiled into the work directory of Tomcat 
>> and used from there,
>>  >the exact same way that Tomcat does it. This way afterward, if the 
>> jsp is modified, tomcat can still recompile it.
>> I have a class that you can use as part of a build or manually that 
>> will trigger tomcat to compile all the jsps, given a directory and a 
>> URL. It can easily be converted into an Ant task.
>> I'll send you the source if you want. Basically, it reads in a 
>> directory, filters to find all the jsp names in it, and then iterates 
>> through them, and calls 
>> http://tomcatserver/path/jspname.jsp?jsp_precompile=true
>> The jsp_precompile=true is understood by tomcat to mean: just compile 
>> the jsp, don't do anything else.
>> This process effectively compiles every single jsp in your webapp, but 
>> must be done on a live tomcat server, not offline. You could then copy 
>> all of the generated jsp java classes from the work directory into a 
>> production tomcat server, and hopefully it would use them instead of 
>> recompiling.
>> Let me know if you want it.
>> Ian.

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