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From Geralyn M Hollerman <>
Subject Re: Problem confinguring MySQL JNDI Datasource RH Linux 7.2
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 15:28:11 GMT
Scott Stewart wrote:
> Well, at first glance it appears that you are using an incorrectly named
> parameter for the DataSource implementation that you are now using.  The
> link you provided states that you need to provide a parameter named "user";
> however, you are still using the "username" parameter that I provided in my
> example.  Try changing this to "user".

I had a question about this very thing - I noticed the same difference
and was about to ask if it mattered, since this is a <parameter> and not
an element itself. I went to the on-line Tomcat JNDI Datasource HOW-T),
and it was given as "username" there, and in a message from someone
saying that he'd verified that his server.xml was doing connection
pooling, it was also "username". I don't have the source code, and I'm
no XML guru - but does it matter?


Lynn Hollerman.

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