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From "Hou, Rowena" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 4.1 & https problem
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 20:40:42 GMT

"catalina run" will let me see the error.

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From: Jeff Tulley []
Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2003 4:33 PM
Subject: Re: Tomcat 4.1 & https problem

Try simply "catalina run" to have it run in the current window.  Then
see what exception you get. (Hopefully you are on an OS that will allow
you to scroll back and see the exception)

Jeff Tulley  (
Novell, Inc., The Leading Provider of Net Business Solutions

>>> 8/6/03 2:23:05 PM >>>

I've been running Tomcat as a standalone Web server for a while. My
run fine at http with sign applet. I want to switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

I followed the directions in the document"" : 

   1. keytool -genkey -alias tomcat -keyalg RSA -keystore mykeystore
   2. keytool -certreq -keyalg RSA -alias tomcat -file certreq.csr
   3. uncommented the connector provided by the config file:
         port="8443" minProcessors="5" maxProcessors="75"
         acceptCount="10" debug="0" scheme="https" secure="true"
           clientAuth="false" protocol="TLS" 
           keystoreFile="full path to mykeystore" 
           keystorePass- "changeit" 

However, it isn't working. I can't start Tomcat at all. I don't get
errors at prompt or in the logs; I tried to use command window run
tomcat". It popup a command prompt and disappear. If I change className
<Factory className="" 
which used in document. I can start Tomcat and get
work but not https://localhost:8443 ( I commented out connector for
http in
server.xml file).
I use jakarta-tomcat-4.1.12-LE-jdk14 which come with jbuilder 8. runing
Window 2000 and IE 6

1. How can I fix the problem.
2. How can I find out error message? I tried to rum "catalina debug
-security" from command prompt. Most of error message is unrecognized.

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