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From "Sai Sivanesan" <>
Subject Virtual directories/Host via mod_JK2
Date Sat, 30 Aug 2003 20:50:58 GMT
We have a bunch of customers using JSP on JDK 1.3.1 / Tomcat 3.1?2? / mod_jk /
Apache 1.3.  The default directory setup for these customers is

DIRECTORY              http://    - path- 
./site_url/html        http://siteurl
./site_url/jsp         http://siteurl/jsp
./site_url/cgi-bin     http://siteurl/cgi-bin
./site_url/logs        --

we use mod_jk.conf-auto to when we add a new site all we have to do is add the
virtual host in apache and server.xml, reboot tomcat & apache and we are set.

We'd like to move the same setup to JDK 1.4.2_01 / Tomcat 4.1.27 / mod_jk2 /
Apache 2

All the HOW-TO's I've found do far and are hence far more more complex than we

My understanding of how this should work is as follows:

in Apache conf file                                 in server.xml
VirtualHost1.exported_dir -              -> VirtualHost1.contextpath->jsp_dir
VirtualHost2.exported_dir -              -> VirtualHost2.contextpath->jsp_dir
VirtualHost3.exported_dir -              -> VirtualHost3.contextpath->jsp_dir
VirtualHost4.exported_dir -via> VirtualHost4.contextpath->jsp_dir
VirtualHost5.exported_dir -[one entry in -> VirtualHost5.contextpath->jsp_dir
VirtualHost6.exported_dir -via> VirtualHost6.contextpath->jsp_dir
VirtualHostN.exported_dir -              -> VirtualHostN.contextpath->jsp_dir

can someone point me to a resource which might provide some info on piping
requests to certain virtual directories thru mod_jk2.  thanks.


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