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From "苗启广" <>
Subject Re: Oracle connection pooling
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2003 08:46:10 GMT

 2003-08-08 23:50:00 д
>We are running a fairly large ecommerce site consisting of 3 apacheof you ? Could you
tell me ? Thanks~~ 
>2.0.48 servers being balanced between using UltraMonkey/ldirector and 2
>tomcat servers with AJP1.3. Everything is Linux except the back end
>which is a fairly hefty and firewalled Sun running Oracle8i. 
>The webapps build a connection pool to oracle via the oracle.jdbc.pool.*
>connection pool. The pool instantiates fine and everything is great, but
>gradually the pool begins to break down. Idle connections are closed by
>Oracle (not sure if its oracle itself or the fw..), but the oracle pool
>doesn't figure it out. If someone happens to get the dead connection,
>Tomcat completely hangs on all threads until the session-timeout
>expires. Even the session replication code stops and the apache servers
>and the other tomcat in the cluster mark it offline. During the peak
>traffic it isn't so bad but at the end of the day after load goes back
>down, it's a big problem. 
>We initially used DBCP but it didn't work for crap with Oracle. Is there
>a better pool to use with Oracle and Tomcat in a cluster environment and
>if not, is there a way we can get the Oracle pool to recycle some of
>these bad connections without blowing up the server?
>Cris Daniluk
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