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From Andy Cooke <>
Subject RE: OutOfMemoryError
Date Wed, 06 Aug 2003 17:04:50 GMT
Hi Yoav,

> You have the two calls in the Runtime class (totalMemory() and
> freeMemory()), and that's pretty much it.  This of course reflects only
> the heap.  So you can have a background thread that checks freeMemory()
> every so often and if the free percentage falls below a certain
> configured threshold, sets some global flag variable that servlets (or
> better yet a simple filter) consults when deciding whether to allow
> servlet requests.

yup that was what I though of doing.  I was surprised, though, that the
JVM didn't try to increase the totalMemory for this app, though, as it
looked like it could have.

> >free Memory = 172544, totalMemory = 6.6650112E7, maxMemory =
> >1.34217728E8
> How were the above obtained?

I added a log4j message in the servlet code to report this whenever
tuples are inserted by a user via our API.  These were the last
measurements before the OutOfMemoryError.  Just before the crash, I
could see freeMemory fluctuating around, and I guess at some point, it
must have dipped below some threshold.

I'm just now looking at the standard tomcat4 script in /etc/init.d to
figure out whether any -Xmx parameters were set, but I guess the jvm
thinks maxMemory is 134MB, looking at the numbers above.

> This is a fragile situation with or without the above solution.
> Benchmark your system to know how many max concurrent requests you can
> support given your hardware, and make sure your customers/users know
> this number.

> You may also want to consider a script to monitor your log for
> OutOfMemoryError messages and restart tomcat or notify admins in this
> event.

good ideas, thanks for the suggestions.



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