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From "Barclay A. Dunn" <>
Subject RE: active session counting, redux
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 18:41:13 GMT
> >after changing the timeout to 5 min, i confirmed that indeed it was 
> >destroying a session after 5 min.
> ... and your listener was properly removing the session from its list?

every time the list increases, it increases by 2 - one with a long
alphanumeric session id, and one with a blank one (and i don't know why
that is, either, and need to figure it out as well). after 5 minutes
(the timeout) the list decreases by 1 - the blank one. so over time the
list is not getting pared down. the listener is only removing the
session with a "blank" id from the list.

what i don't know is, are these sessions also staying in memory? oh, and
btw, that is the objective of this entire exercise. how's that for
burying the lead?

as a side question, where does tomcat store sessions? (i am not
configuring a PersistentManager to store them in the db.)

> >the reason i went with my user implementing HttpSessionListener was i

> >had read that you had to implement it in an object that would be
> >to the session, and my user object is the only one i am certain to
> >to the session.
> That's true if you want the session itself for its data, 
> rather than just its ID to know that it exists and to count 
> it as active.

well, i wanted to store the session id in the set so i could be sure to
avoid double counting.

> >i guess i'm ready now to hear what i should have done instead of what
> >did do.
> Depends on your design goals: do you only want the number of 
> sessions that are active, or do you want more, e.g. the value 
> of certain attributes in the active session?

my overarching design goal: are sessions dragging down the site's
performance. side goal: display things like "number of users currently
on the site", on the site.
> As an aside, your web site ( I assume) is 
> cool.  Is it served by tomcat?

thanks! it is in fact served by tomcat, and it gets bogged down by
problems that seem to stem from heavy afternoon traffic (when the kidz
getz outta skool) so we are trying to debug it.

Barclay A. Dunn
Senior Developer
33-41 Newark St, #1A
Hoboken, NJ  07030

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