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From "Barclay A. Dunn" <>
Subject active session counting, redux
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 16:55:48 GMT
i have grown my own active session counting set up and it is definitely
*adding* sessions to the count, but i do not think it is ever removing
here is my configuration:
1. i have an object called SessionCount that contains a HashSet of
session ids, and methods to add, remove, count, and list elements in
that HashSet.
2. i have a user object that gets bound to the session, so i caused that
user class to implement HttpSessionListener. Its sessionCreated() and
sessionDestroyed() methods execute SessionCount.addSession(sessionId)
and SessionCount.removeSession(sessionId), respectively.
3. i have this in my web.xml:
    <!-- this listener causes the session expiration to become known to
the HPUser object in session -->

first of all, bearing in mind TIMTOWTDI, and that this is the way i've
chosen *for now*, does this look right? 
i've confirmed that it's not adding multiple entries for the same
session id, but on my dev server, where i *think* i am the only user, it
thinks there are 3 active sessions. this is after logging out, at which
point the session is manually destroyed, and logging back in.
Barclay A. Dunn
Senior Developer
33-41 Newark St, #1A
Hoboken, NJ  07030

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