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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: I'm confused
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 15:26:50 GMT
On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 09:15:54 -0400, Dave Shaffer <> wrote:

> I am attempting to connect Apache 2.0.45 and Tomcat 5. Tomcat responds to
> 8080 on localhost and other machines on my network. This is my confusion:
> 1) I have been through the docs on the Jakarta site and am not sure if I
> should be using mod-jk or mod-jk2.

Use what works for you.  Many people are using both.  If you want to work 
with Tomcat 5 (which is alpha), you might want to lean more towards JK2.

> 2) I am running on a Windows 2000 Professional machine. I downloaded both
> the above into the Apache modules directory and added the LoadModule and
> AddModule statements (pointing to either mod_jk or mod_jk2). However, 
> Apache
> will not start with the statements. It gets two application event errors:
> Invalid syntax pointing to the LoadModule statement
> The Can't locate API module structure 'webapp_module' in file (points to
> the mod_jk or jk2 dll file).

OK, you've got a big mixup happening.  First, your error message says 
"webapp_module".  That means you are trying to use mod_webapp, which is 
neither mod_jk nor is it mod_jk2.  In addition, mod_webapp is the WORST 
connector you could choose if you want to use Tomcat 5.

> Here are the parameters (commented out so I could start Apache):
> #LoadModule webapp_module modules/mod_jk2-2.0.43.dll
> #AddModule mod_jk.c
> #<IfModule mod_jk.c>
> #  JkWorkersFile "G:\Apache-2.0.45\Apache2\conf\"
> #  JkMount /examples/* jk2
> #  JkMount /tomcat-docs/* jk2
> #  JkLogFile "G:\jakarta-tomcat-5\dist\logs\mod_jk.log"
> #  JkLogLevel info
> #</IfModule>

Yep, some confusion.  First, Apache 2 doesn't use AddModule at all.  So, 
either you are using Apache 1.3 with a version 2 DSO, or you are using 
Apache 1.3 commands with Apache 2.  If you are using Apache 2, then don't 
use AddModule.

Second, if you are loading mod_jk2, then your IfModule statement should 
read "mod_jk2.c", not "mod_jk.c".  The two are NOT interchangeable.

> I notice that all other LoadModule statements point to files with a .so
> ending. Should I rename the mod.jk dll or do I have to download something
> else?

Extension makes no difference.  The convention when using Windows shared 
libraries is to use the extension .dll.  In the UNIX/Linux Apache world, 
the convention is to use the extension .so (for "shared object").  Apache 
doesn't care which you use as long as the interface, function calls, etc. 
are compatible between your Apache version and the version of the Apache 

> I am very new to this so I confuse easily when reading the docs.
> Thank you for your help.

Then you should immediately stop what you're doing.  Then UNINSTALL Tomcat 
5...its NOT for newbies.  Install Tomcat 4.1.24 instead.

Also, unless you ABSOLUTELY KNOW that you need Apache, there is NO NEED to 
install it...Tomcat does just fine on its own.  You can download Tomcat, 
run the installer, and change the listening port to 80 and be done with it, 
and then start learning all about servlets and JSPs.  You can always add 
Apache into the mix later, there is no reason to increase your learning 
curve unnecessarily.

Check my HOWTO:  Except for version 
numbers, everything is identical.  If you just want to use Tomcat alone, 
skip everything in the HOWTO except the section marked "Installing Tomcat".


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