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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: Tomcat + Apache + mod_jk HOWTO
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 20:48:15 GMT

Typo.  "director" = "directory"

The problem with having multiple webapps for multiple virtual hosts all 
under CATALINA_HOME/webapps is that things get a little messy.

For example, say you have two virtual hosts, host1 and host2.  You have two 
apps, app1 and app2.  So, you expect something like and

If you put app1 and app2 under webapps, both of your Hosts will have the 
same appBase (webapps).  Then things like the Tomcat manager will be cross- 
host, that is, app2 will also work for host1 ( and app1 
will work for host2 (  That may or may not be some cases, app2 should not be accessible to anything other 
than host2.

In order to achieve this, you have to set different appBase's for each Host 
(like CATALINA_HOME/hosts/host1 and CATALINA_HOME/hosts/host2).  That's 
what I was describing earlier.


On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 17:36:30 -0300, Juan Nin <> wrote:

> From: "John Turner" <>
>> The only thing I would change from my post earlier this month is that I
>> would setup a separate director for each host that is not under
>> CATALINA_HOME/webapps.
> what's the concept of "director"?
> is there any advantage or something between having your apps under
> CATALINA_HOME/webapps and not having them there?
> sorry for all the bothering,
> Juan
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