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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: Autodeploy WAR File to ROOT Context Problem
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 20:06:16 GMT

AFAIK, you have to stop putting your WAR file in /webapps.

There should probably be a check, or something, though, so that Tomcat can 
tell if it has already deployed a webapp.


On Tue, 15 Jul 2003 13:59:24 -0600, Aaron Longwell 
<> wrote:

> OK, Tried again, and this time the file was not deleted.... not sure what 
> happened last time. But now I'm getting the WAR autoDeployed according to 
> both the context XML file AND as a war file to a directory with the same 
> name as the WAR file. In other words, my webapp is now accessible via 2 
> contexts, no big deal, but I'd prefer to have only the root context.
> Also, let me explain a little better.
> I am reading this section in the Docs:
> doc/config/host.html#Automatic%20Application%20Deployment
> And it indicates I can autoDeploy by creating a file *.xml with a 
> <Context> tag inside. This will act as if that context was entered in my 
> server.xml. This enables me to control where my WAR will be deployed via 
> a file external to server.xml. This is exactly what I want.
> The second autoDeploy takes each *.war file and deploys it to a webapp 
> named the same as the war file. For example, my SoiledDove.war gets 
> deployed to a /SoiledDove webapp.
> Because my context XML file deploys to path="" (the ROOT context in other 
> words), AND my SoiledDove.war file is in the webapps directory... I am 
> getting double auto-deployment.
> How can I control which autoDeployment methods are enabled for a 
> particular WAR?
> Thanks,
> Aaron
> Aaron Longwell wrote:
>> I'm deploying a WAR file to the root context (path=""). I've created the 
>> appropriate context XML file in the webapps dir and pointed it to a WAR 
>> (which I do NOT want to be expanded). It's working great... except for 
>> one thing:
>> Tomcat is deleting the context XML file.... so that when I stop and 
>> restart the server, my WAR file is re-deployed at /WARFileName instead 
>> of /
>> Why does tomcat delete this XML file for my webapp but not for Admin or 
>> Manager webapps? Am I doing this incorrectly?
>> Thanks,
>> Aaron
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