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From Jen Beaven <>
Subject ensim and permissions
Date Sat, 19 Jul 2003 04:29:37 GMT
Using tomcat 4.0.3 under ensim; can't figure out permissions.

I get this error (or like this):
access denied ( 
/var/www/html/WEB-INF/ read)

Of course under ensim the real file is under 
/home/virtual/sitexx/fst/var/www... not /var/www... the tomcat policy 
files list the actual file path (/home/virtual/sitexx/fst/var/www...) 
I've tried coding the policy file both ways, neither works. No errors 
show up in catalina.out, either. I can get permissions added by doing 
extrermely broad grants in the main policy file, but that's obviously 
not an option.

I've scavenged through a lot of list archives and forums and haven't 
found a lot of info on this, just recommendations on how to change 
the policy files that demonstrably do not work.

Any ideas? (besides "don't use ensim"...)


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