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Subject Re: Newbie : Probs tomcat 4.1.24 with apache 1.3 (sunOS)
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 12:48:34 GMT
> From: Olivier Marie <>
> Subject: Newbie : Probs tomcat 4.1.24 with apache 1.3 (sunOS)

> Tomcat works alone (port 8080)
> Apache works too.
> When i try to display a JSP page, i obtain in mod_jserv.log :
> (EMERGENCY) ajp12[1]: cannot scan servlet headers  (500)
> (ERROR) an error returned handling request via protocol "ajpv12"
> I use jserv_module to permits apache to communicate with tomcat.
> I have in my server.xml :

> I tried ApJServDefaultProtocol ajpv13 but it seems to be less simple than
> that...
> Thanks for advices and excuse me for the poor level of my configuration
> knowledge.

I think that mod_jserv is your problem.

Although mod_jserv and (say) mod_jk use ajp13, the two seem to
implement it differently.  If you replace the servlet container with a
small debugging program that prints out data sent by the apache module
to the servlet container's port, you'll see that mod_jserv and mod_jk
each send different stuff.  The best suggestion I'd give is to use
mod_jk to talk to tomcat, and mod_jserv to talk to ApacheJServ.  From
my experience, you can't mix and match modules to servlet containers.

If you're in the position of trying to migrate from jserv to tomcat,
you might consider doing it gradually, on a VirtualHost by VirtualHost
basis.  For example, if the apache server has vhosts X, Y, Z; you
should be able to do something like

 - load mod_jk and mod_jserv in the main apache config

 - Vhost X uses JK directives to communicate with tomcat (there are no
   mod_jserv directives within the scope of X)

 - Y and Z use mod_jserv directives to communicate with an apache
   jserv.  (there are no mod_jk directives within the scope of Y, Z)

(eg - the jserv/tomcat use does not overlap).


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