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Subject Re: JK Connector url rewrite question
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2003 17:41:14 GMT
> From: Noel Rappin <>
> To: Tomcat Users List <>
> Subject: JK Connector url rewrite question
> I'm running an Apache/Tomcat combination using mod_jk.  Whenever I enter
> a URL to hit the apache server, somewhere along the redirect to tomcat
> the server portion of the url gets changed.
> So, if I type
> http://localhost/myapp
> I actually get in the browser
> This even happens if I type the IP address, rather than a hostname.  I'd
> really like it to not do this, and just use the hostname or IP address
> that I type in, but I can't seem to find any hook to change this
> behavior.  Can anybody help?

In your apache configuration, do you have "UseCanonicalName Off"?  If
not, that may be your problem.


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