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From "Yaser Al Masri" <>
Subject login page customization for CMA
Date Sun, 20 Jul 2003 11:43:14 GMT

I'm using container manager authentication, and I'm trying to display 
different messages inside the login page depending on the caller of that 
page, so if a request is made to the protected resource /account/*, I want 
to display suitable message to those who want to access account services in 
the login page, and same to the resource /order/*, but with a different 

The problem is that there is no way I could find to pass a parameter for 
example from a resource under /account/* to get this behaviour, because this 
parameter is actually not seen in the login page. I tried to look for where 
tomcat stores the request before it routes to the login page, but it looks 
to me that the process is not straight forward, and I need to play around 
with class loaders to get this info.

Can anybody think of a way to implement this without getting into a 
container specific solution?

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