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From "Mike McCown" <>
Subject log4j fighting with Commons-Logging in Tomcat 4.1
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 23:17:08 GMT
Not sure if this is a Tomcat or Commons-logging question, but it seems
to be an issue of how Tomcat uses logging, so I'm asking here.

I just started using Tomcat 4.1 (moving from another server).  My apps
were all coded to use the Log4j logger (1.2.8). Here's my problem.

When starting up, Tomcat apparently uses commons-logging.jar (actually,
it first uses commons-logging-api.jar??).  It creates a default console
appender for my loggers in a format I hate ("milliseconds-since-start
[Thread-x] LEVEL category - text").  Now, my file,
which I've put into the $CATALINA_HOME/common/classes directory, also
sets up a console appender (in a format I like).  Both of these
appenders now write to the console, so I get 2 lines for each logger

Question:  How the heck do I get rid of (or change the format of) the
default console appender that Tomcat creates??

(Sorry if this is obvious - I've searched the FAQs, RTFM'd, and moved
properties and jar files all over the place, but I *cannot* figure this


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