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From "Abid Ali Teepo" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat with log4j output
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 15:48:36 GMT

As far as i know, i only have one logger.... and i have not put log4j jar in the common/lib
i had it in my jdk/jre/ext

I tried to move it to common/lib now, but i still get the same output. So i'm getting tomcat
debug info even though i never asked for it ....

Is there any way i can override it ?


-----Original Message-----
From: Johann Uhrmann []
Sent: 16. juli 2003 17:25
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: Tomcat with log4j output

Abid Ali Teepo wrote:
> Hi
> I just added a servlet with logging done by log4j, and it apparently works ok.
> But suddenly tomcat has started giving a lot of debug information. The thing is that
even though i have set the level to info, it gives me tomcat debug.
> Is there a setting or something i have awakened by log4j enabling my servlet ?
> Where and how can i change this behaviour ?

Are You sure that the logger You set to info is also the logger You
write to?

If You use a "control servlet" in a different web application to change
log levels, there is a chance that You have two different instances
of Your logger.

Do You deploy the log4j-lib with the web application or do You have it
in common/lib?
(Putting it in common/lib might solve Your problem)

Kind regards,


Johann Uhrmann
xpecto AG | Lindenstrasse 81 | D-84030 Ergolding
Telefon: 0700 xpecto 00 (0700 973286 00)
Telefax: 0700 xpecto 10 (0700 973286 10)

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