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From Andreas Wüst>
Subject commited data not available for a few seconds (connection pool misconfiguration ?)
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2003 07:00:03 GMT

i have a small problem with the connection pool that comes along with
I have the following scenario : i have an webapp with with i can modify
userdata in a oracle db. after creating some new userdata the webapp
not find the new userdata immediately when i start a new search.
that new data is definitely available in the db (i checked that with the

sql worksheet). 
for some reason the new userdata takes about 10 seconds before i can
it with the webapp, however it should be available immediately. as far
i understood the connection pooling mechanism i get a connection from
the pool,
write my data to the db (+ doing a commit), after that i close the
then, when searching for the data, i get another connection. but with
connection i cannot find the data immediately. when i wait for some time
the data is suddenly found. 
why can't one connection find what another connection just commited ?
or do i get something wrong ?
does anybody know how i can fix this problem ?

btw. i am using tomcat 4.1.24

thanks in advance,


                         Soloplan GmbH, Software für Logistik und
                              Cambodunumweg 11, D-87437 Kempten
                Andreas Wüst ; Tel.: +49 (0)831-57407-52 ; Fax.: +49

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