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From "Shapira, Yoav" <>
Subject RE: Servlets/JSP crash, static content & manager app OK
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 20:22:25 GMT


>The problem: periodically Tomcat stops serving up servlets and JSP from
>webapps.  However, the manager webapp and static pages continue to be
>served normally.  If I click 'stop' for any of my webapps from the
>app, the page load just hangs forever.  If you refresh the manager, it
>shows the webapp as stopped.

How do you know static content is OK and not just being served from your
browser cache?  Clear your browser cache between static content requests
to check this.

>You would think that I could just stop Tomcat with the
>$CATALINA_HOME/bin/ script, but that doesn't seem to do
>at all.  Generally I have to 'kill' the pid to get Tomcat to stop,

Most likely you have non-daemon threads started up by web applications.

>My best guess is that I've got a servlet/JSP out there that is doing
>something very bad.  However, I've examined the JVM with a profiler and

A profiler won't tell you much here.  It's much more likely to be bad
code than a memory-hogging or CPU-hogging problem.

>Naturally, I can find nothing useful in the $CATALINA_HOME/logs

Turn on debug="99" in server.xml (wherever you see debug="0").  Same
thing for the servlets defined in $CATALINA_HOME/conf/web.xml.

>Our company is getting pretty desperate.  It seems that Tomcat is not
>gracefully handling an error condition.  If we can't solve the problem

The server can't always rescue you from malicious applications.  Are you
running with a security manager?  Actually I was going to ask this at
the beginning: is this happening even when only the tomcat webapps
(admin, manager, docs, examples) are installed?  Is it one of your
webapps causing this behavior or one of tomcat's?

Yoav Shapira

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