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From Reynir Hübner <>
Subject Memory problems
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2003 13:35:38 GMT
I have a server that I am trying to deploy 36 webapplications to. 
The server is running redhat linux, with 2.5 gig ram and 4 XEON CPUs. 

On start up it runs about 30 applications and at that time tomcat failes, with java.lang.OutOfMemoryException.

The top function shows many (192) java processes taking about 500 mb of memory, but I have
-Xmx1500m and -Xms1g in JAVA_OPTS, so obviously the server is not out of memory. 
I don't know what is happening, as I have several servers running similar amount of webapps
on windows, with out problems. 

Other things that run in this server are postgresql and apache (and really nothing else),
so nothing is taking up the rest of the memory. 

We even tried to write a small java program that takes up memory in a loop, that worked fine,
and could take up to 1500mb and then run out of memory. 

Am I looking at some kind of a limitation on tomcat (no more than specific amount of applications)
or java (no more threads than some specific amount) ?

Please reply, 

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