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From "Goehring, Chuck Mr., RCI - San Diego" <>
Subject Please help with unusual configuration
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 20:30:45 GMT
Connector fans,

I'm currently running Apache 2.x and Tomcat 4.24 (no ssl) on Windows 2000 on a Government
intranet web server.  This will be placed on the public internet and use full-time ssl for
connections outside the firewall. Only port 443 will be available from outside the firewall.
Inside the firewall, users can communicate without ssl.

The system uses mod_perl scripts, Java servlets and six static pages.   I'm trying to evaluate
if it is better to use one Apache that listens on two ports or use two Apaches with two config
files.  I'd like to avoid having to maintain two sets of directories on the server, if possible,
but I haven't used Windows 2000's symbolic links (junctions) before.  Because of the limited
info on junctions, I'm leery of using them.  In my code, I'm already setup to handle multiple
server names and ports, but having to use different directory names or cgi file names might
be a problem.

I figure I need to run Apache twice with separate config files that alias the same directories.
 I also figure I need to convert the static pages to jsp files so I can put the correct port
and protocol on links at run time.  On the Tomcat side I'll need two connectors to communicate
with the two mod_jk that will be running.  I'd also need two entries in the
file to mate them up.  I don't think I should need to use ssl for Apache to talk to Tomcat
but I'm not sure.  

Am I on the right track, or am I going to get sharing violations and other problems?

Below is a summary of what I think I need:

	Tomcat direct port 8080.
	Apache 1 port 80 Tomcat connector port 8009
	Apache 2 port 443 Tomcat connector port 8010

Thanks for any inputs you can give me.

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